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Wednesday 17th October 2018

Concorde - The Queen of the Skies, with David Hodges

The October talk titled “Concorde - The Queen of the Skies“ was given by life-long Concorde fan David Hodges.  David’s interest in the supersonic aircraft began in 1969 when he and his father watched the British built prototype take off from the factory at Bristol Filton for its very first flight to RAF Fairford.  Since then David has built and flown models of Concorde and for the last 12 years has been a Volunteer Steward at Brooklands Museum near Weybridge and Lead Guide on the Concorde Experience at the museum.

David illustrated his talk with many images of the Concorde preserved at Brooklands and an enthusiastic but “not too technical“ description of how it worked.  He had many model Concordes and other memorabilia on display and examples of the very small windows and part of a heavy tyre were passed around the audience while he was talking.  David ended a very interesting talk by reminding us that the Concorde Experience at Brooklands Museum is well worth a visit!