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Spring Talks Programme 2018

In March we had a very entertaining talk given by Ian Franklin.  Ian has been a State Apartment Warder for over 20 years and he took us on an audio and video guided tour of Hampton Court Palace with an emphasis on “ behind the scenes “ in Tudor times and how the Palace is run today by Historic Royal Palaces. 

I am sure we are all familiar with the numerous ornate chimneys that can be seen at Hampton Court and look as if they date from the Tudor period.  Ian explained that Tudor bricks were very soft and wouldn’t have lasted very long. The chimneys we see today are all Victorian and 20th Century replicas of the originals which look correct but should be longer lasting.

Hopefully Ian can return next year and give us more little known facts from his vast knowledge of Hampton Court Palace.

The April talk took us further afield to Burma with a talk by Ann Beauchamp about her travels in this fascinating country. In 2005 Ann sailed on the Irrawaddy River from Mandalay to Rangoon with many visits to villages and pagodas along the way. She described how one evening the boat ran aground on a sand bank and despite efforts by the crew to refloat her the boat was really stuck fast. Thankfully the rising tide during the night re-floated the boat allowing Ann’s voyage to continue and saving the Captain “much face.

Ann illustrated the talk with many of her own stunning photographs but emphasised that what she saw and where she went was strictly controlled by the Burmese Authorities to show off their Country in a favourable way.

Ann, who is also a NT volunteer at Clandon Park and Hatchlands, has donated her fee for tonight’s talk to the Princess Alice Hospice and has raised £16,000 for the charity over the last 15 years.

NOTE : We would mention that there is additional car parking at Bourne Hall should the car park be full on Talk evenings.  Just proceed out of the car park and on the right is additional car parking at the Health Centre.  We would also mention for those attending our Talks who find the staircase a little steep that there is a lift down to the Main Hall

If you have any friends, relatives, neighbours or just visitors who might be interested in any of our Talks please encourage them to come along without any obligation to join our Centre.