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Forty-one members joined a coach trip to Laverstoke Mill formerly a corn/paper mill on the River Test now the home of Bombay Sapphire Distillery.  We had a self-guided tour with interactive maps to learn some of the history of the mill.  Some of the tropical plants used were displayed in the amazing intertwined glass houses. We then entered the Tropical dry room where we smelt the herbs and spices used in the gin making  from a 1761 recipe.  We chose our favourites which we punched onto a card.  In the Distillery we learned about the functions therein.  We then enjoyed a cocktail made from our own choice from the card.  We went on to the Vyne NT near Basingstoke.  In 2017 The Vyne has taken on the largest conservation project in the NT.  The collection on the ground floor is protected with open stores.  The story of Henry Vlll and Anne Boleyn visiting in 1535 through to the Victorian Era and to the house being saved in 1842 is told by interactive means.  Via a walkway we saw a Tudor roof stripped of its 71,000 tiles and watched the conservation work.  After tea in the Brewhouse we agreed it was a very interesting and diverse day.


Wednesday 26th July 2017

Visit to the Sapphire Gin Distillery and The Vyne NT

These 42 slides were provided by David Mitchell. Slides 1 to 22 were taken at the Gin Distillery; slides 23 to 42 were taken at The Vyne NT